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Sources of Support for the Homeless National and Worldwide

This is an excerpt from my book on homelessness, Our Invisible Neighbors. I will add to this list every few months:

Sources of Support

These are the organizations I found information for in my extensive research that help with homelessness, as well as some of the other causes that often play into it—such as poverty, hunger, addiction, and domestic violence. I hope that this chapter will make it into the hands of those who need it, as a helpful resource of nonprofits around the nation, and the world, who can offer you the support you need to get back on your feet and change your life.

Local, National, and International Programs

Alphabetized by Organization, (Followed by Location):

1.) AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), (International)

2.) Abahlali baseMjondolo, (South Africa)

3.) ACE Programs for the Homeless, (Queens, New York)

4.) Acting for Life, (Chicago, Illinois; Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan)

5.) Action Against Hunger, (New York, New York)

6.) Al-Anon (Support for those who have known or lived with Alcoholics), (International)

7.) Anti-Poverty Committee, (Vancouver, British Columbia)

8.) Ali Forney Center, (New York, New York)

9.) American Addiction Centers, (New York, New York; National)

10.) American Institutes for Research (AIR), (National)

11.) American Jewish World Service, (New York, New York); International)

12.) Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County Inc. (Maryland)

13.) ArchCity Defenders, (St Louis, Missouri)

14.) Association of Gospel Rescue Missions; AGRM, (National)

15.) A Way Home America, (AWHA), (National)

16.) Association of Gospel Rescue Mission, (AGRM), (National)

17.) Aurora Warms the Night Inc., (Aurora, Colorado)

18.) Back on My Feet, (Philadelphia, PA; National)

19.) Barefoot Foundations, (Columbia)

20.) Barnabus Manchester, (Manchester, England)

21.) Berkeley Food and Housing Project, (Berkeley, CA)

22.) Beyond Housing, (St Louis, Missouri)

23.) Beverly's Birthdays, (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

24.) Bill Wilson Center (Santa Clara, California)

25.) Bowery Mission, (NYC, New York)

26.) Breaking Ground (Common Ground), (New York City, New York)

27.) Bridges, (Summit, New Jersey)

28.) BronxWorks, (Bronx, New York)

29.) Brooklyn Community Housing, (Brooklyn, NYC, New York)

30.) Buenas Cosas, (International)

31.) Calgary Homeless Foundation, (Calgary, Alberta)

32.) Camillus House, (Miami, Florida)

33.) Catholic Charities, (Local and National Organization)

34.) Catholic Charity International (CMMB), (International)

35.) Compass Family Services, (San Francisco, California)

36.) Coalition Against Hunger, (National)

37.) Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere (CARE), (International)

38.) Camillus House, (Miami-Dade County, Florida)

39.) Care For Friends, (Chicago, Illinois)

40.) Care for the Homeless, (NYC, New York; National)

41.) Caretaker's Cottage, (Sydney, Australia)

42.) Carpenter’s Shelter (Alexandria, Virginia)

43.) Carrfour Supportive Housing, (Miami, Florida)

44.) CARING for Children, (Asheville, North Carolina)

45.) Catharis, (Tbilisi, Georgia, Moscow; International)

46.) Casa Allanza, (Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua)

47.) Catching Lives, (Canterbury, England)

48.) Catering for the Homeless, Inc., (NYC, New York; National)

49.) Catholic Charities, (National and Local Organization)

50.) Center Against Domestic Violence, (NYC, New York)

51.) Central Iowa Shelter, (Des Moines, Iowa)

52.) Centrepoint, (United Kingdom)

53.) Charlotte Family Housing, (Charlotte, North Carolina)

54.) ChildFund International, (International)

55.) Childhood Domestic Violence Association, (NYC, New York)

56.) Children’s Health Fund, (NYC, New York; National)

57.) Chmol, (Brooklyn, New York)

58.) Church Ave Merchants, (Brooklyn, New York)

59.) Church Penitentiary, (London, England)

60.) Citizens for Public Justice, (Canada)

61.) Coalition of the Homeless, (Local and National)

62.) Coast Shelter, (New South Wales, Australia; International)

63.) CommonBond Communities, (Minnesota)

64.) Community Access, (NYC, New York)

65.) Community for Creative Non-Violence, (Washington, D.C., Virginia)

66.) Community Improvement Organization, (Florida)

67.) Community Solutions, (NYC, New York)

68.) Compass Family Services, (San Francisco, California)

69.) Connections of Cumberland County, (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

70.) Council to Homeless Persons (CHP), (Australia)

71.) Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), (National)

72.) Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), (National)

73.) Covenant House, (International)

74.) Credit Card Management Services, Inc. (Florida)

75.) Crisis, (United Kingdom)

76.) Dans La Rue, (Montreal, Canada)

77.) Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV), (International)

78.) Department of Homeless Services (DHS): HOME-STAT Outreach, (NYC, New York)

79.) Detour House, (Sydney, Australia)

80.) Dignity Village, (Portland, Oregon)

81.) Dome Village, (Los Angeles, California)

82.) Doorways for Women and Families, (Arlington, Virginia)

83.) Downtown Emergency Service Center, (Seattle, Washington)

84.) Drop Inn Center, (Cincinnati, Ohio)

85.) Emmaus, (Paris, France; International)

86.) Empire Justice Center, (New York)

87.) Empty Homes Agency, (England)

88.) Elizabeth Stone House Inc. (Jamaica, MA)

89.) Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco, (San Francisco, California)

90.) Everyone Deserves a Roof (EDAR), (Los Angeles, California)

91.) Family Promise, (National)

92.) Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB), (Washington D.C., Virginia)

93.) Families Foreword, (Irvine, California)

94.) Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO), (Hayward, California)

95.) FareStart, (Seattle, Washington)

96.) FEANTSA, (Europe)

97.) Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA), (NYC, New York)

98.) Feeding America, (National)

99.) First Step Back Home, (Ofallon, Missouri)

100.) Flood Student Missions, (Alpharetta, Georgia)

101.) Florence House, (Portland, Maine)

102.) Fordham Home, (Goldsboro, NC)

103.) Freight Train Riders of America, (America and Canada)

104.) Frequent Users System Engagement, (FUSE), (NYC, New York)

105.) Frontline Foundation, (Los Angeles, California)

106.) Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership, (NYC, New York)

107.) Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter Inc., (Georgia)

108.) Girls Inc., (New York, New York; National)

109.) Global Kids, (New York, New York; International)

110.) Goodwill, (National)

111.) HabiJax, (Jacksonville, Florida)

112.) Habitat for Humanity, (Local and National)

113.) Hamilton House, (Chinatown, NYC, New York)

114.) Haven’s Club—formally The Good Neighbors’ Club, (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

115.) HELP Brownsville Women’s Shelter, (Brooklyn, New York)

116.) Her Justice, formally InMotion, Inc., (NYC, New York)

117.) HomeAid America, (National)

118.) HomeGround Services, (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; International)

119.) Homelessness Action Week, (Canada)

120.) Homeless Nation, (Montreal and Quebec, Canada)

121.) Homeless Prenatal Program, (San Francisco, California)

122.) Homeless Services United (HSU), (NYC, New York)

123.) Homeless Workers' Movement, (Brazil)

124.) Home of Refuge Outreach, Inc. (Eden, North Carolina)

125.) Homes for the Homeless, (NYC, New York)

126.) Homes Not Jails, (San Francisco, California)

127.) Homeward Bound, (Asheville, North Carolina)

128.) Hope Atlanta, (Atlanta, Georgia)

129.) Horizon House, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Indiana)

130.) Hospitality House, (San Francisco, California)

131.) Hospitality of Northwest North Carolina, (Boone, North Carolina)

132.) Hotel de Gink, (Seattle, Washington)

133.) Hour Children, Inc. (Queens, New York)

134.) House of Good Deeds, (NYC, NY)

135.) House the Homeless, Inc., (Austin, Texas)

136.) House 2 Home Network, (National)

137.) Housing and Services, Inc., (NYC, New York)

138.) Housing Justice, (National)

139.) How's Nashville, (Nashville, Tennessee)

140.) Huckleberry House, (San Francisco, California)

141.) Hunger Action Network of New York, (NYC, New York)

142.) Hunger Free America, (NYC, New York)

143.) I Have A Name, (Phoenix, Arizona)

144.) Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, (NYC, New York; National)

145.) Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, (NYC, New York)

146.) International Association for Human Values, (Washington, D.C.; International)

147.) International Brotherhood Welfare Association (IBWA), (International)

148.) International Rescue Committee, (NYC, New York; International)

149.) Jesuit Volunteer Corps, (National)

150.) Joe Hill House, (Salt Lake City, Utah)

151.) Jovenes, Inc., (Los Angeles, California)

152.) Joyful Heart Foundation, (NYC, New York)

153.) Justine Peterson, (St. Louis, Missouri)

154.) Karluk Manor, (Anchorage, Alaska)

155.) Korean American Family Service Center, (Flushing, New York)

156.) La Casa De Las Madres, (San Francisco, California)

157.) LAMP Community, (Los Angeles, California)

158.) Legal Aid, (NYC, New York)

159.) Lighthouse Wien, (Vienna, Austria)

160.) LGBT Center of Raleigh Inc., (Raleigh, North Carolina)

161.) Long Beach Rescue Mission, (Long Beach, California)

162.) Mad Housers, Inc., (Atlanta, Georgia)

163.) Manila Reception and Action Center, (Manila, Philippines)

164.) Meals-on-Wheels, (National)

165.) Midnight Mission, (Los Angeles, California)

166.) Mission in Citrus, Inc, (Florida)

167.) Mo's Heroes, (National)

168.) Move for Hunger, (Red Bank, New Jersey)

169.) Moving On In, (Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Detroit, Michigan)

170.) My Sister’s Place (MSP), (White Plains, New York; NYC, New York)

171.) Najidah, (Australia)

172.) Narcotics Anonymous, (National)

173.) Nashville Homeless Power Project (Nashville, Tennessee)

174.) National Alliance to End Homelessness, (National)

175.) National Center on Family Homelessness, (National)

176.) National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, (National)

177.) National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, (National)

178.) National Coalition for the Homeless, (National)

179.) National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, (National)

180.) National Coalition to End Homelessness, (National)

181.) National Council of Jewish Women, (NYC, New York; National)

182.) National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224, (National)

183.) National Network for Youth, (NN4Y), (National)

184.) Nazareth Housing, (NYC, New York)

185.) N Street Village, (Washington D.C., Virginia)

186.) National Network to End Domestic Violence, (NNEDV), (National)

187.) New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth, (NYC, New York)

188.) New York Anti-Violence Project, (NYC, New York)

189.) New York Children’s Health, (Bronx, New York)

190.) New York Department of Homeless Services (DHS), (NYC, New York)

191.) North Hills Community Outreach Inc., (Pennsylvania)

192.) Notting Hill Housing Trust (NHH), (London, England)

193.) NYC Rescue Missions, (NYC, New York)

194.) NYS Health Foundation, (NYC, New York)

195.) Old Brewery Mission, (Canada)

196.) Operation Sacred Trust, (Miami, Florida)

197.) Operation Safety Net (OSN), (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

198.) Opportunity Neighborhood, (New Brighton, Minnesota)

199.) Orange County Community Housing Corp., (Santa Ana, California)

200.) Outside In, (Portland, Oregon)

201.) Outreach, (Ridgewood, New York)

202.) Ozone House, (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

203.) Pacific Garden Mission, (Chicago, Illinois)

204.) Pacific House, (Stamford, CT; National)

205.) Palante Harlem, Inc., (NYC, New York)

206.) Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation, (Hudson County, New Jersey)

207.) Palladia, Inc., (NYC, NY)

208.) Partners Ending Homelessness, (Greensboro, North Carolina)

209.) Partnership for the Homeless, (NYC, New York)

210.) Pathways to Housing, (NYC, NY; Westchester, New York; the District of Columbia, Philadelphia, Burlington and Vermont)

211.) Peachtree-Pine Shelter, (Atlanta, Georgia)

212.) PetSmart Charities, (Canada)

213.) Pets of the Homeless, (United States and Canada)

214.) Picture the Homeless, (NYC, New York)

215.) Poor People’s Alliance, (South Africa)

216.) Poor’s Blankets, (Manizales, Caldes; Aranzazu, Columbia; Bogata)

217.) Poverello Center, (Missoula, Montana)

218.) Project Compass, (London, England; United Kingdom)

219.) Project Hawai'i, Inc., (Hawaii)

220.) Project H.O.M.E., (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

221.) Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH), (National)

222.) Quarriers, (Scotland)

223.) Rain City Housing, (Canada)

224.) Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), (National)

225.) Raphael House, (Tenderloin and San Francisco, California)

226.) Reall/Real Equity for All, (formally Homeless International), (International)

227.) Reconstructing Hope, (NYC, New York)

228.) Restaurants du Coeur, (France)

229.) Rise Against Hunger New York, (Kearney, New Jersey)

230.) Robin Hood Foundation, (NYC, New York)

231.) Rosewater Limited Liability Company, (Cleveland, Ohio)

232.) Rosie's Place, (Boston, Massachusetts)

233.) Rough Sleepers Initiative, (London, England; United Kingdom

234.) Rowton Houses, (London, England)

235.) Ruth Ellis Center, (Detroit, Michigan)

236.) Safe Horizon, (National)

237.) Saint Francis House, (Boston, Massachusetts)

238.) Saint Francis House, (Brooklyn, New York)

239.) Saint Joseph’s House of Hospitality, (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

240.) Same Kind of Different As Me, (Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas)

241.) SAMU Social, (France; International)

242.) San Antonio Housing Authority, (San Antonio, Texas)

243.) Sanctuary for Families, (New York, New York)

244.) Sanyukai, (Tokyo, Japan)

245.) Seaton House, (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

246.) Seattle Youth Garden Works, (Seattle, Washington)

247.) Second Harvest Toronto, (Toronto, Canada; Canada)

248.) Second Presbyterian Church, (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

249.) Self-Master Colony, (Union County, New Jersey)

250.) Share International, (International)

251.) Shelter, (England and Scotland)

252.) Shelterhouse, (Cincinnati, Ohio)

253.) Shelter Partnership, Inc. (Los Angeles, California)

254.) Shelters to Shutters, (Vienna, Virginia; National)

255.) S.H.I.E.L.D. Foundation, (Phoenix, Arizona)

256.) Single Homeless Project, (London, England; England)

257.) StandUp for Kids, (National)

258.) Solutions for Change, (California)

259.) Soho Partnerships, (Soho, New York)

260.) So Others Might Eat (SOME), (Washington, D.C., Virginia)

261.) Society of St James, (Southampton, England)

262.) South Park Inn, (Hartford, Connecticut)

263.) SoupKitchen411, (National)

264.) Southern Youth and Family Services, (New South Wales, Australia)

265.) St. Anthony Foundation, (San Francisco, California)

266.) St. Luke’s Lifeworks, (Fairfield County, Connecticut)

267.) St Mungo’s Community Housing Association, (England)

268.) St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

269.) St Patrick’s Church, Hove, (Hove and Brighton, England)

270.) StandUp for Kids, (National)

271.) Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE), (Bakersfield, California)

272.) Street Medicine Institute, (International)

273.) Street Outreach Program, (National)

274.) Streetlife, (Blackpool, United Kingdom)

275.) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, (National)

276.) Suitcase Clinic, (Berkeley, California)

277.) Sulzbacher Center, (Jacksonville, Florida)

278.) Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

279.) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP, (formally known as the EBT Food Stamps Program), (National)

280.) Supportive Housing Network of New York, (NYC, New York)

281.) Take Back the Land, (Miami, Florida)

282.) Taldumande Youth Services, (New South Wales, Australia)

283.) Teague’s Home for Women, (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

284.) TECHO, (Latin America; International)

285.) Tenants and Neighbors, (NYC, New York)

286.) Tent City 4, (Seattle, Washington)

287.) Thames Reach, (Thames, United Kingdom)

288.) The Big Issue Foundation, (International)

289.) The Booth Centre, (Manchester, England)

290.) The Campaign Against Hunger, (Brooklyn, New York)

291.) The Center for Court Innovation, (NYC, New York)

292.) The Doe Fund, (National)

293.) The Empowerment Plan, (Detroit, Michigan)

294.) The Homelessness Project, (Seattle, Washington)

295.) The Hope House Foundation of Huntersville, (Huntersville, North Carolina)

296.) The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, (National)

297.) The Life You Can Save, (National)

298.) The Outdoor Church, (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

299.) The Passage, (London, England)

300.) The Peace Alliance, (Arlington, Virginia)

301.) The Prevention Coalition, (National)

302.) The Red Cross, (National)

303.) The Road Home, (Madison, Wisconsin and Salt Lake City, Utah)

304.) The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, (National)

305.) The Salvation Army, (National)

306.) The Scott Mission, (Ontario and Toronto, Canada)

307.) The Shoebox Project for Shelters, (Toronto and Ontario Canada; International)

308.) The Society for the Relief of the Homeless Poor, (London, England)

309.) Thrive DC, (Washington D.C., Virginia)

310.) The Hunger Project, (NYC, New York)

311.) The Interactive Resource Center, (Greensboro, North Carolina)

312.) The United Way, (Worldwide)

313.) The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WLCH), (Washington D.C., Virginia)

314.) Tipping Point Community, (San Francisco Bay, California)

315.) Together We Can, Inc., (International)

316.) Together We Can – Addiction Recovery Centre, (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

317.) Toronto House of Industry, (Toronto, Canada)

318.) Transition Projects, (Portland, Oregon)

319.) Transitional Living for Older Homeless Youth, (National)

320.) Trinity Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter, (Asheville, NC)

321.) True Colors Fund, (NYC, New York; National)

322.) Urban Justice Center, (NYC, New York)

323.) Urban Strategies Maternity Shelter, (Brooklyn, New York)

324.) United Homeless Organization, (NYC, New York)

325.) United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), (International)

326.) Union Rescue Mission (URM), (Los Angeles, California)

327.) United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, (National)

328.) UN Women, (NYC, New York)

329.) Urban Pathways, (NYC, New York)

330.) Veteran’s Aid, (United Kingdom)

331.) Veteran’s Transition Center, (Monterey County, California)

332.) Voices of Women Organizing, (Brooklyn, New York)

333.) Volunteers of America, (National)

334.) Warren Village, (Denver, Colorado)

335.) Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, (Washington D.C., Virginia)

336.) Water Street Ministries, (Pennsylvania)

337.) Wayside Chapel, (Australia)

338.) Weingart Center for the Homeless, (Los Angeles, California)

339.) Welsh Presbyterian Church, (Columbus, Ohio)

340.) West Side Campaign Against Hunger, (Manhattan, New York)

341.) Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, (South Africa)

342.) Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), (West Coast, United States)

343.) WhyHunger, (NYC, New York)

344.) Wild Goose Café, (Bristol, England; United Kingdom)

345.) Wintringham Specialist Aged Care, (Victoria, Australia)

346.) Womankind (formally NYAWC), (NYC, New York)

347.) Women in Need (WiN), (NYC, New York)

348.) Women Rising, (Jersey City, New Jersey)

349.) World Hunger Education Service, (International)

350.) Wounded Warrior Homes Inc., (San Marcos, California)

351.) Wounded Warrior Project, (National) (Topeka, Kansas)

352.) Yello Dyno, (Protecting Children from Child Predators), (NYC, New York)

353.) YFoundations, (New South Wales, Australia)

354.) Youth Focus Inc, (Greensboro, North Carolina)

355.) Youth Off the Streets, (New South Wales; International)

356.) Youthcare Hervey Bay, (Australia)

357.) 100,000 Homes Campaign, (National)

358.) 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness, (Alberta, Canada)

148.) Wounded Warrior Homes Inc., (San Marcos, CA)

149.) Yello Dyno (Protecting Children from Child Predators), (NYC, NY)

150.) 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness, (Alberta, Canada)

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